Ultrasound - Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory

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Research Area

- Research Area Chief: Prof. Dr. Ing. Fabrizio Ricci -

Research in this area aims to improve the overall performance of the next generation aircraft adopting health monitoring strategies. Several SHM systems based on wave propagation approach have been conceptually designed, developed and tested to obtain aircraft structural components with self-assessing condition monitoring capability. As diagnostic parameter, the interaction of ultrasonic waves with defects is investigated thoroughly to detect hidden flaws from structural perturbations resulting in the propagation. In addition, thanks to the availability of state-of-the-art non-destructive testing equipment, detailed evaluation is carried out along with every SHM diagnosis.

Ultrasonic De-icing
Research in this area concerns the ultrasonic de-icing, a new and potential energy-efficient technique that has raised the increasing interest with its energy-saving effect, low running costs, good applicability and environmental conservation..

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